About Us
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Our Mission

At The Women's Clinic we are committed to provide a high quality healthcare service for all our patients, which are based on our motto of the 3 Cs - Caring, Continuity and Convenience.

Our 3 Cs Concept


Sensitive and understanding clinical experts will perform thorough investigations, give a detailed assessment and explain any appropriate treatment.


Treatment and follow-up care are coordinated by a specially delegated healthcare professional. Referral to other specialists is available when required.


Patient can obtain one-stop service for diagnosis and treatment - laboratory tests, ultrasound imaging and counseling all within one location.

Our ultimate aim

At The Women's Clinic we believe in empowering women with the knowledge of their own body, and allowing them to make an informed choice for their own health care needs. By adopting a holistic approach, we try to evaluate each woman as an individual, rather than just a patient with a problem. It is hoped that, through the advise of our experts, we can help you to decide on a lifestyle which will be healthier and more fulfilling. We endeavor to be a woman’s life long partner in health from pre-conception to menopause and beyond, providing a caring, continuous and convenient service.


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