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The best way to stay healthy is to practise a healthy lifestyle and getting the proper regular screening tests so that you can act appropriately on the information they provide. At The Women’s Clinic we offer a variety of screening tests which allow for early detection of diseases and also advise on lifestyle adoption to help prevent development of such. Some women need certain screening tests at an earlier age or more often than others due to family history; our expert staff are happy to discuss and advise you on the most appropriate tests for your needs. Be pro-active and take charge of your health.

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We also offer a complete gynecological service should you require from a regular pap smear to laparoscopic or even oncology surgery.

We provide the following services:

» Mammograms

» Pap smears/ HPV vaccination

» Colposcopy

» BMI testing and Dietitian service

» Cholesterol checks

» Blood pressure

» Cancer markers testing

» Diabetes testing

» Psychological counselling

» Osteoporosis tests

» Chlamydia and Sexually transmitted disease

Planning to complete a family?

The Women’s Clinic is a leading Hong Kong obstetrics and gynaecology clinic, specializing in complete care of the pregnant mother. We offer a wide range of scanning services including OSCAR testing for Down’s syndrome screening, anomaly scanning and fetal well being scans with our high quality 3D/4D ultrasound scanners. We have a highly-qualified team of complementary therapists and psychological counselor and we aim to take a holistic approach to our patient’s care. We believe that pregnancy is a natural physiological state rather than a disease and we hope to make your pregnancy and birthing experience a safe, enjoyable and memorable one.

We also offer pre-natal counseling and tests to try and optimize the chances of successful conception and reduce the risks inherent in pregnancy.

If you have a problem...

Patients come first at The Women's Clinic.

Over twenty years ago when Dr. Milton Leong (our clinic director who is the pioneer of IVF in Hong Kong and responsible for the first IVF baby) began his career in helping couples with infertility, he knew that the decision to proceed with fertility treatment could be one of the biggest challenges a couple can face. We have treated thousands of couples and completely understand the emotional and financial stresses involved. Patients seek treatment at The Women's Clinic not only because of our expertise, especially in treating the most difficult and resistant cases of infertility, but also because of our heartfelt care.